British AEA Test for Product Performance Test

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At 12: 00 p. m. on March 31, 2014, when the hard-working people began to sleep, the executives of Hongrijia company were waiting for an email from AEA, a British authoritative testing company on the other side of the ocean, which was full of 16 years hard work and unremitting efforts to prove Hongrijia to the world, That is, our high-end series of products have obtained the product performance report and certificate issued by the most authoritative company in the industry.

After communication, confirmation of drawings, sample delivery and testing up to one and a half month. According to the requirements of international testing standards s01250032009 and 1s12500-1-2007 [2. AEA company carried out the detection of coarse particle interception efficiency, fine particle interception efficiency, wet pressure drop and residual oil content of our high-end filter YD058ao/AA. The test results show that our products not only meet the requirements of its standards, but also the performance of our products far exceeds the requirements of international standards. This exciting and encouraging news once again witnessed Hongrijia's development mission of "persistently providing reliable and efficient purification products to global users.

On the road of development, we can never do without the trust, support and encouragement form our customers and friends, so that Hongrijia have such a good reputation in the industry. Thanks to the power behind the support, our talents are more determined step by step. In the coming days, let's join hands with you to develop, let's fly higher and farther.

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